Viet Hai fishing village

Viet Hai fishing village attracts the large number of domestic and international tourists thanks to the pristine natural landscapes and the friendly locals. Tourists once setting foot on the fishing village will actually get unforgettable experiences.

Entirely situated among the immense sea and surrounded by high mountains and jungle of Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai fishing village is situated in Cat Hai district, Haiphong province. Visiting Viet Hai fishing village, tourists will feel the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, charming scenery of villages in the North, Vietnam. Viet Hai is today the community ecological attractions in Cat Ba Island alluring the large number of tourists. Lyrical natural landscapes, pristine and unique landscapes together with friendly people will definitely leave unforgettable impression to tourists in mind.

Previously, Viet Hai almost separates from the outside world. Secluded, wild mountainous forests and pristine scenery are incredibly unique features attracting tourists in the journey of exploring Cat Ba tour to the fishing village. The locals in Viet Hai still retain their own life bringing the “primitive” characteristics as the ancient. There are more than a dozen of old motorcycles of the families considered the most prosperous in the village to run within a few kilometers on new concrete roads. Notably, there are few domestic tourists coming the village, yet Viet Hai increasingly attracts foreign tourists. Discovering Viet Hai fishing village is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Cat Ba.

The locals are really friendly, honest and hospitable. All of the houses in the village are open throughout the day and night. Even when the owner is away for several days, nobody stole any belongings. No matter what any families need for help, everyone in the village is available. Families in the village can comfortably use furniture of each other. Viet Hai is almost “clean” with all sorts of social evils. Immersed in the peaceful daily life of the locals here, tourists surely get the extremely enjoyable experiences. Here, tourists will have a chance to soak up the extremely peaceful and poetic scenery and forget the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

Despite being one of the poorest communes in Cat Hai district, people here seem to satisfy with their life poor in materials but rich in gratitude. They share each other without profit; simultaneously, get rich among the mountains and the sea. It is the unique cultural characteristics that attracts more and more international tourists. Over years, tens of thousands of tourists have looked for the village to visit. They had heard the untouched rendezvous among the world’s biosphere reserve, Cat Ba National Forest to visit and learn. Together with other fishing villages in Halong Bay in general, Viet Hai fishing village also significantly contributes to promote the image of Halong Bay and Cat Ba travel to tourists.

Tourists to Viet Hai fishing village will have the opportunity to admire the peaceful fishing village on mountainous bikes. There are also some people who both working on the fields and being the motorbike taxi drivers guiding tourists to visit the fishing village. Numerous stilt-houses and restaurant serving tourists have been opened ready serving the needs of tourists. After visiting the mountains, foreign tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy the dishes of the locals here growing and feeding such as chicken, duck or vegetable… Many young people in the village volunteered to take the role of “tour guide”. The locals in Viet Hai are eager to operate their tourism with the dream turning their village into a unique “tourist island” and one of the most bewitching tourist Cat Ba attractions in the near feature. Viet Hai fishing village significantly contributes to promote Cat Ba tourism in particular and Haiphong tourism in general closer to both domestic and international tourists.